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(Social Network and Quest System)

Neptunia's Chirper system is back and better than ever!
Using Nepgear's beloved N-Gear, you can view character's chirps and receive special requests.

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Chirper Homepage

1. Chirper_Homepage.png

From the Chirper homepage, you can view the chirps from the residents of Gamindustri!
You can also interact and give your favorites a like!

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Check requests and help out!

2. Check_Requests.png

As you progress through the game, you'll begin to receive requests from the residents of Gamindustri.
There are 4 types of requests: defeat, deliver, collect, and rescue, each with their own unique objectives.

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Claim sweet rewards!

3. Claim_Sweet_Rewards.png

As you complete quests, you'll receive rewards.
Not only will you recieve items for your work well done, you might also recieve a new companion to help you in disc developement!

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