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Limitless Dungeon Neptral Tower

Strive to scale the Neptral Tower, the greatest challenge of all!
By conquering dungeons full of strong enemies, you can obtain massive amounts of experience and powerful equipment!

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Struggle to make your way along the path!

1. Struggle_to_make_your_way.png

The Neptral Tower dungeon is unlocked as you progress through the story.
The goal of each floor is to find the gate that leads you to the next level, ultimately climbing all the way to the 100th floor.
Be sure to prepare yourself properly! You can neither save nor leave freely, and safe areas are a rare treat indeed in these dicey halls.

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A boss awaits on the 10th floor!

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A powerful foe awaits you on every 10th floor, and the only way forward is to step right over their perished bodies.
Not all is grim news, however, in addition to the boss, you may just find a place to lay your weary head. Safe areas are also located on these floors.

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Powerful items and equipment abound!


Those willing to brave the Neptral Tower, may be rewarded with rare weapons and gear they won't soon be spotting in any store!
Defeating powerful foes and scavenging for rare gear is a great way to further strengthen your party for the battles ahead!

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