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While the Goddesses were out responding to a distress call from
the faraway PC Continent, Nepgear and the other Candidates
were sent to investigate an abandoned laboratory.

It was there that they found the "Ashen Goddess",
who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule.
By the time they awoke, 2 years had already passed.

The latest smartphone, the "rPhone", dominates the market.

Neptune has been missing since her mission to the PC Continent,
and in the absence of its Goddess and Candidate,
Planeptune was ravaged by a strange new phenomenon,
the Trendi Outbreaks.

Suddenly finding herself robbed of home and family,
Nepgear falls into a deep depression.

This is a story of finding hope in the midst of despair,
and the rebirth of a Goddess in the wake of destruction.



This is Nepgear's home, the world of Gamindustri.

Planeptune, a nation protected by the vivacious Goddess, Purple Heart.
Lastation, a nation protected by the studious Goddess, Black Heart.
Lowee, a nation protected by the thoughtful Goddess, White Heart.
Leanbox, a nation protected by the willful Goddess, Green Heart.

As a result of the monster-summoning Trendi Outbreaks, local citizens remain quarantined in their homes, leaving the streets deserted.

In addition, the appearance of the rPhone has completely overtaken the market, and all contact with the Ultradimension has been cut off since the fall of the PC Continent.

With all direct connections severed, people stay connected via smartphones.

The PC Continent

A continent beyond the sea. PC and doujin games thrive there.
With its rich history, the PC Continent boasts just as many games and creators as the continent which Nepgear and friends call home.

The Trendi Phenomenon

A phenomenon in which a large number of monsters suddenly appear. Since they occur irregularly and without warning, the outbreaks have been difficult to handle effectively.

It was these same Trendi Outbreaks that brought upon the downfall of Planeptune.


The latest smartphone. It's said there's not a single person out there that doesn't own one.
The people rely on their rPhones for social networking, games, assistant functionality, and much, much more.

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