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Battle System

The battle system uses a combination of Actions and Skills.
Utilize a unique blend of combo, tactical, and chain skills to lead your team to victory.

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Examine the enemy then make your move!

1. Examine_the_enemy.png

Battle with a party of 3 in real-time! Ally characters will be managed by the AI while you focus on your game! Make smart use of limited Action Points by swapping characters, and utilize their unique skills and abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Combo Skills

Customize your own combo routes and create your own unique style of attack!
Original combos can be easily unleashed using the single press of a button.

Use your Action Points to unleash crushing combos!

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2. Use_Your_Action_Points.png

Combo Skills are performed by consuming Action Points, which automatically accumulate during battle. AP is not recovered while attacking.

Using tactical skills during battle increases your AP limit, so the more Tactical Skills you use, the more powerful combos you can unleash.

After leveling up, a second combo route will unlock, greatly increasing your options on the attack. Change up your strategy to defeat different foes!

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Build your own combos with the Combo Maker system!

3. Build_your_own_combos.png

Combo Maker is a system that allows the user to create their own combo routes by switching the combo skills.


Deals high damage and may stagger the enemy.

Quick, continuous attacks that rapidly fill the Goddess Gauge.

Batters down the enemy to inflict a Guard Break

Tactical Skills

A powerful character-specific skill that can be activated by consuming the Tactical Gauge which refills over time. It's vital to know how to use this skill, and how to accumulate its gauge.

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Tactical Skills can be activated at the touch of a button!

During combat, the Tactical Gauge is accumulated over time and by attacking the enemy.
Once the Tactical Gauge is full, press the △ button to activate your character's Tactical Skill!
Other techniques can also be activated by using the combination of △ + ↑ and △ + ↓.

4. Tactical_Skills_can_be_activated.png

While waiting for the gauge to build, players can swap between characters, using their combo and Tactical Skills in concert to increase fighting efficiency.

Coordinated Chain Attacks.

Chain attacks allow you to extend your combo by switching character.
Plan out a multi-man strategy to maximize your damage and defeat your foes.
Successfully chaining attacks is the key to success in battle.

7. Destroy_the_enemy.png
6. Connect_Consecutive_Chains.png
5. Master_Chain.png

Making effective use of the long chains requires you to be aware of everyone's skills, moves, and gauges.
Knowing how and when to use Combo Skills, Tactical Skills, and Chains will be the deciding factors between victory and defeat.

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Well-managed AP is the key to success!

Chains are a coordinated attack system that can be activated by switching characters while activating a combo or tactical skill.
Without AP, a character cannot continue the combo, but by making good use of the Chain system, the combo can be continued by another character. Making good use of this system is vital.

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(1) If you run out of AP while performing a combo skill…

8. Run_Out_Of_AP_pt1.png
9. Run_Out_Of_AP_pt2.png
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(2) If you activate a Tactical Skill…

10. If_you_activate_Tactical_Skill_pt1.png
11. If_you_activate_Tactical_Skill_pt2.png
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Easily execute chains with the Chain Swap Assistant!

12. Easily_execute_chains_pt1.png

When completing a combo string, or while the tactical skill is active, a recommended Character Swap will be displayed.
Simply press the button being displayed to chain!

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Multiply damage with Chain Bonus


The more links in the chain, the more damage is inflicted on the enemy. Connecting multiple chains is essential for defeating powerful foes!

Goddess Transformation

Turn the tide of battle by transforming the girls in their Goddess forms through Goddess Transformation!
Their special ability unleashes an unending barrage of attacks that can turn the tables on even the most dire situations.

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Power up with Goddess Transformation!

13. Power_up_with_Goddess_pt1.png
14. Power_up_with_Goddess_pt2.png

Once the Goddess Gauge reaches full power, the user can activate Goddess Transformation.
The character will remain in Goddess Transformation until the Goddess Gauge, which decreases over time, is empty.
In addition to increased stats, combo skills require no AP while in Goddess form, and can be extended indefinitely.

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Deal a decisive blow with the EXE Drive!

15. Deal_a_decisive_blow_EXE.png

While in Goddess form, the EXE Drive can be used at any time, regardless of the amount of remaining Goddess Gauge!
However, Goddess form will end upon the completion of the EXE Drive, so time your strikes carefully.
After going on a rampage with unlimited combo skills, use EXE Drive for a spectacular finish!

EXE Drive

This special move consumes half the Goddess Gauge to activate an impressive special attack, unique to each character. The gauge is built up through combo attacks, and when unleashed, it inflicts massive damage on the enemy.

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Wipe your enemies out with an explosive EXE Drive attack!


When the Goddess Gauge is more than half full, the EXE Drive can be launched! With flashy effects and loads of style, it inflicts massive damage on the enemy. The series staple EXE Drives look better than ever with brilliant new graphics!

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Managing the Goddess Gauge


When activating an EXE Drive, half of the Goddess Gauge will be consumed. The Goddess Gauge accumulates when the player attacks or is attacked. The Goddess Gauge can be quickly built up by performing attacks that involve multiple hits and by chaining attacks.

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