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Disc System

Discs can be equipped to boost stats and abilities in battle.
Discs can change the way you fight, extend combos, increase move speed, and all sorts of other tricks.
They open all sorts of tactical possibilities for you!

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Disc Ability Examples
Allow users to create their own combo route with Combo Striping.

2. Disc_Ability_Examples_pink.png

Up to 4 discs can be equipped per character.
Change up your combat style based on your equipped discs!

Disc Development

You won't know the exact benefits of a disc until you've completed it.
Depending on the genre and disc developer, the abilities of the completed disk can vary wildly.

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Flow of Development

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Step 3. Picking an Item

12. Flow_of_Development_Step3.png

Here you can select an item to reduce development time.
These items are obtained in dungeons.

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Step 4. Discs are Preparing....

13. Flow_of_Development_Step4.png

Once you have finished making your selection, all you have to do is wait for the development to be complete, so please wait warmly! Sometimes the creator of a Disc will ask for an additional fee. If you provide them with the requested amount, they will always develop a Disc with 2 abilities.

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Step 5. Claim Your Disc!

14. Claim_Disc.png

There are tons of randomly generated disc names!
All that's left is to equip your character with your own original disc!

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Step 1. Selecting a Genre

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Selecting different genres will result in discs with different abilities. However, the more Discs you develop within the same genre, the easier it is to unlock a second ability.

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Step 2. Choosing a Developer

11. Flow_of_Development_Step2.png

Select the developer to aid you in the creation of your disk.
If you choose a genre they are specialized in, they may be able to contribute special abilities to the disc.

Party Organization

This system allows you to make pre-battle preparations, including swapping party members and changing formations.
By setting up the right team for the right situation, you can ensure you start the battle on solid footing!

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Party Formation

15. Party_Formation.png

Here you can select the party members who will participate in battle and the team leader, who you will control.
Your companions will be controlled by the AI. Here you can give them instructions on how to behave in battle to ensure a cohesive battle plan.

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Battle Formation

17. Battle_Formation.png

This setting allows you to set where members of the party will stand at the start of battle. Consider placing characters according to their roles. For example, a character with high defense should stand in front as a bulwark to shield weaker teammates standing further back.

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Lily Formation

18. Lily_Formation.png

This system allows characters who are not in the battle team to pair up with those who are, providing supportive abilities to their partner.
In this way, characters not in the battle party can also contribute!

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